About us

Our Vision is to market authentic and quality goods

We started during the summer of 2012, with investments in stocks, metal and property. The following year, during summer of 2013, we diversified to marketing of authentic and quality fast moving consumer goods and medical disposables. Starting March 2015, we further diversified to marketing consumer durables with our Swiss Watch Distributors and during Fall 2016, we added our luxury fashion brand SOBTI ™ Handmade Italian leather essentials www.sobti.co with our portfolio.

Our operating strategy is first: to study the market and research on each individual category; second: design or find a product based as per our findings from the category and needs of consumers; third: have our products manufactured in state-of-the-art factories in Europe as per EU specifications, or, team with the right manufacturers and carry their creations with our portfolio. Therein, we market our products globally through our business partners operating locally in their respective markets. 

Our team at Hagardhs, is formed from individuals who have more than a decade long experience in the FMCG business, globally. Knowing our competitive markets and the challenges from competition and changing economic tides, we continue to strive with our goals, to market authentic and quality goods. We operate simple yet elegant, thus keeping our overheads low, in order to have finely designed an offer mix, of products who prides of high quality, backed by experienced and excellent service.

Hagardhs B.V. is a Dutch private limited company, registered with the KVK - Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands, with KvK-nummer 55812058 and VAT # NL 851869580B01 and EORI # NL 851869580.

Hagardhs Marketing Company, is a partner firm with Hagardhs B.V. registered with the Kolkata Municipal in West Bengal, INDIA.

Hagardhs Services is our stock point in Poland from where we provide sales and deliveries of our orders, along with, servicing and repairs for our customers and our brand partners.