Our Company

Hagardhs BV is a dutch private limited company founded during 2012, with a vision to market authentic and high quality products which silently contribute to a life style full of happiness, wellness, and goodness.

We strongly believe in agricultural practices that minimises the use of pesticides thus, helping the farmers grow stronger and more productive crops. We know that the success of our business relies on healthy environments; where we grow healthy crops, thus producing healthy produce and thereby designing the right products for our consumers

We are passionate about bringing authentic and high quality, healthy and nutritious foods to our people of our world in a way that respects the natural laws and our environment, develops strong ties with our community in which we live and work and thus, giving us an opportunity to learn and develop and grow

Equally important is our relations which we have established over the years with our family; with our farmers our distributors and our consumers and the community in which we live and work. We shall continue to work together with our people, to grow healthy crops and to produce good healthy products for our consumers in the most sustainable ways. We invite you to team with us in our journey to Living healthy

The crops from which we produce our products are grown in the farms of our farmers, that collectively span thousands of acres of land. We team with the scientist from the government and farmers to implement advance agricultural practises, thus ensuring that our crops are of the highest and finest standards. We support our farmers with programs integrated together with the government agricultural agencies. We hold quarterly meetings and audits with our farmers thus ensuring that we are strategising in every step towards harvest. Our crops are produced in our sate of the art mills and factories, where they are produced and bottled, as per the European Union standards

We rely on nature’s bounty, our Mother Earth to bring our products to millions of families who believe in Living healthy across nations

Our Living healthy campaign

Our Living healthy campaign is designed to share and educate our consumers more about health benefits. Because living a healthy lifestyle does not only mean cutting on calories and fat and spending moments for fitness or general exercises. New research shows that a well balanced diet is a perfect blend of mono-saturated fats with high protein and very low or no carbohydrates, starch and sugars together with exercises Our consultants are experienced doctors and dieticians who are constantly researching new sciences to be able to share their findings with us, so that, in return we can share these with you, our privilege consumers. We shall share with you some fine diets and exercises so that you can continue Living healthy

Our Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our superior category Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained directly from fully ripe olives & solely by

mechanical means and extracted by cold press and without the use of any additives or solvents thus ensuring the finest nutrition from our olives, grown in our farms across the regions of Ácula, Granada, Andalucía, in Spain. Our family of farmers who are not only skilled and experienced and well trained to working in the farms but also have a family tradition of being in this segment of works since more than 300 years. We pride in our variety of our finest Cornicabra, Picula and Arbiquina variety of olives, from which we produce our Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We work together with the scientists and legal advisors from the government starting from sowing the seeds and during maintenance till our team of advisors from the government give us the permission to harvest our crops, after their research and auditing. These teams from the government stay together auditing every step of harvest, followed by grading the olives and producing of the extra virgin olive oil to bottling. To ensure our highest quality standards, each container or even a single palate sold is first let to check by these government team, who after their audit, issue us documents thus supporting that the produce is produced and bottled in Spain along with certificates such as the Country of Origin, Health Certificate, and SOIVRE, as per the high quality standards set by the Spanish authorities and by the European Union laws.

Our Bordeauc French Château wines

Our wines are crafted with love, care and passion, by our family of farmers who have been traditionally working in this segment for over 400 years, from the region of Saint Germain de Grave in Bordeaux, France, creating that special taste and aroma which blends perfectly well with nature, love and harmony.

As part of our Hagardhs strategy and management development program, we work together with the Bordeaux French wine association, a body who teams with us in applying the fine agricultural sciences to making the finest Bordeaux French wines. This team works with us through out the maintenance of our crops till harvest and then during wine making and ageing stage, thus ensuring the finest Bordeaux French standards in wine making. Our farmers not only grow our finest variety of grapes, such as Merlot, Cabernet Souvignon, Souvignon Blanc, Souvignon Gris, Muscadelle and Sémillion but also are involved into the harvesting of the crops, wine-making and ageing process, thus, ensuring us the certificate or title Bordeaux French Château wines.

Our Dutch Cheese

Our cheese is very authentically and traditionally crafted by family farms in The Netherlands, maintaining it's authenticity and most importantly, high product quality standards, which defines its elegance and taste. We work very closely with our farmers to make sure we continue working with the high Dutch standards guiding to produce our cheese

Our production output maybe low as but, we emphasis more on our quality than quantity. And we strongly believe thats what counts most, good quality product which comes together with great taste and above all health and goodness.

Our Italian Pasta

If it's pasta, it has to be Italian made, and as it's elegantly said 'home grown and hand made packed and produced in Italy'. The finest authentic pasta in Italy comes from the South of Italy, known for its rich harvest with wheat. And thats where we work with our farmers too.

Together with guidance and expertise with the agricultural department, we first make sure that farmers give the best care to harvest their crops and then, we work closely with a small family owned Italian Pasta-maker, who makes all our pasta. Although most of the pasta is hand made, however, it is heated, dried and packed in state of the art factory.

Once again, our product volumes maybe lower but our goal is as always to bring authentic and high quality products, which add value towards traditions and taste.

Our Italian Pasta Sauce

We couldn't let our quality Italian Pasta, be tried with some other sauce, could we? So what we did is, in the region south of Italy, where we work with farmers with their wheat crops, we encouraged families around there to develop home grown vegetables, which we use as part of our Italian Pasta Sauce. This gave us an edge to our presentation for our Italian Pasta and at the same time, brings you, very fine and authentic Italian Pasta Sauce, with all ingredients grown, produced, and packed in Italy.

We still do not focus on volumes productions, as of yet, because our goal is to bring you authentic and quality products so that, we can all enjoy our dinning with great taste together-with traditional values.

Our Dark Chocolate

A great meal is sort of in-complete without something sweet? While many of us are health conscious and strive to maintain our diet, often restricting our consuming sugar; keeping this in mind and with reference to our goal for Living healthy, we carefully crafted our Dark Chocolate, with a high percentage of coco, which means, every bit of our chocolate adds more to your health. And also, most importantly, great moments of togetherness demand something authentic and traditional because that is togetherness all about, goodness and wellness

Our chocolates are very carefully crafted in low quantities, while maintaining strict quality standards thus, bringing you fine tastes of Dark Chocolates both for health and togetherness

Our Gourmet Coffee

Some call it an addiction, while some call it a habit. We say, it's the world's most finest and legal addictions; which most of us enjoy together with friends and colleges, at times during those breaks in-between works, or those special moments when we are meeting someone for the first time and need to start a conversation! And of course, nothing beats to starting our day with a great cup of coffee.

To enjoy a great cup of our coffee, try it black and if possible without sugar to enjoys its rich aromas, great flavours with all its goodness. You might even want to try it with our Dark Chocolate, to enjoy that special blend of chocolate with coffee.