Notes Colombia is the world's second largest coffee producer, but the largest for it's good quality Arabica coffee. Supremo is the highest grade of premium Colombian Arabica beans, long known for rich aroma and taste. Most coffee is grown in the Colombian Coffee Growing Axis region, also known as the Coffee Triangle, is a part of the Colombian Paisa region in the rural area of Colombia which is famous for growing and production of a majority of the Colombian coffee, considered by some as the best coffee in the world. Weather conditions (8 °C to 24 °C), geographical (Andean Rainforest) and this geological region, determine the production of high quality coffee, with relatively short harvest periods. Our farmers in the area have developed techniques for growing, harvesting and processing of grain, and all done "grain by grain", and have retained this form of processing industry despite new techniques of mass agricultural industrialisation. Ours is Organic, fair trade certified, supported by rain forest alliance certification and shade grown

Variety Supremo Arabica

Origin Andean region in Colombia, South America

Aroma & taste has a fuller body with a bright acidity, an intense aroma, and a rich flavor that finishes clean with nutty hints.

Colour pleasant cinnamon

Roat medium