Olive Oil

Notes Superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil (edible grade) obtained directly from fully ripe olives & solely by mechanical means and extracted by cold process and without the use of any additives or solvents thus ensuring the finest nutrition from olives. It is characterised by its smooth, light and delicate taste which is well balanced and enhanced by freshness of its natural rich aroma and intense flavour. It stands out for its fruity ripe olives, while tasty and sweet at first, but with a touch of bitterness and sharpness in the end that makes it balanced. It has high content of oleic and natural antioxidants, which gives excellent nutritional qualities and high resistance to rancidity. It is therefore, very suitable for all kind of consumption

Variety Cornicabra, Picual and Arbequina Acidity 0.6% (allowed by law 0.8%)

Origin Ácula, Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Fragrance fruity, slightly grassy with freshness of olives

Flavours slightly almond & bitter with a delicate spicy and peppery aftertaste

Colour green with golden yellow hues

Density medium thickness

Packaging recycle dark green glass bottle which has a 100% UV protection (plastic bottles are not used so as to prevent the oil from absorbing the toxicity from the plastic and degrading the quality and properties of the oil. Glass bottles are non toxic and help preserve the oil for a longer period, especially in the kitchen where the temperatures are usually higher)

Recommendations all kinds of cooking for e.g. frying and or deep frying, vegetarian & non-vegetarian, grill or roast, also goes very well with salads, dressings & bakery products

Nutrition Facts per 100g Energy 3700KJ (900 Kcal), Protein 0.0g, Lipids 99.9g (as lipids are the main components 99.9% on average, all oils have a similar caloric value as we have stated in kilocalories/100g), Carbohydrate 0.0g, Fatty acids (saturated 14g, mono-unsaturated 69.7g, poly-unsaturated 11.2g & trans 0.0g) Cholesterol 0.0g, Sodium 0.0g, Sugar 0.0g, Fibre 0.0g, Vitamin E 20mg (167% RDA), not a significant source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

SKU 1 Litre & 500 ml glass bottles

Logistics data Universal Palate (total 10 palates in 20ft.) 1 L (66 cases x 12 bottles / case = 792 bottles). 500ml (110 cases x 12 bottles / case = 1320 bottles) Euro Palate (total 11 palates in 20ft.) 1 L (45 cases x 12 bottles / case = 540 bottles) 500ml (90 cases x 12 bottles / case = 1080 bottles)